Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's been awhile.......

since I have been able to get on and post anything. Life has been so busy and crazy these past couple of months. I have been working on my craft room. It is done in the way of construction. We just need to do the little finishing things like putting on the handles to the cabinets my husband installed and the draws, putting up the cork as my "back splash" at my one "desk" area, loading ALL the paper I have on the paper racks(and that is ALOT of paper),picking out the color to paint the walls(not that there is much wall space to paint) and deciding what to do on the cabinets. We bought the unfinished ones and have to decide if we want to paint or stain them. Then there is putting all the little personal finishing touches to do too. It feels like it is taking forever to get it done. I know it will be all worth it in the end but still!!! LOL Now that the nicer weather is here,we are spending time getting the outside of the house looking nice and then we will be working on our pool.

In one of my past posts I told you I was going on a Bus Tour with my sister in April. Well we went and had a great time. My sister said that she will go with me again next year so that was "a good thing". I was so happy that she had a good time. It was great to spend the time with just her and me too. Love ya Vickie!!! We met some more great ladies,had some good food,some good make and takes, bought alot of great finds and of course got LOTS of great FREE stuff at each store we went to. Sue, our bus tour guide from New England Scrapbook Company store was great too. She was alot of fun on the bus. Thanks Sue!!! I was planning on taking pictures of the day and posting here and scrapbooking them,but my camera would not except my brand new SD card. I was soo mad and upset. Apparently they are making the SD cards not that are SDHC and my camera is too old to except them(and it is not that old either!!!). I guess it is time for a new camera....what do you think?

Well that's about it for now......I'll be back with pictures of the room and some new creations.....SOON!!! ;-) Until then.....

Happy crafting,